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About 191 employers applied to bring foreign workers to Maine job sites to fill either seasonal or peak demand, in positions payin...
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A handful of Maine lighthouses get all the attention. The most photographed, Portland Head Light, sits at the entrance to Casco Ba...
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The OnePlus 5 is in good standing to be one of the most significant phones of the year. Its ultra high-end specs...
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Oftentimes I’m asked, “Why should I invest in paid media when I already rank in position one for many organic search results?”...
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We love SEO. And we think it’s hugely important for succeeding in the modern business world. But there’s a lot of SEO...
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With smartphones getting cheaper and reaching millions of hands every day, the world is going completely mobile. Previously people...
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Meghan Naik and 15 other Mangalureans participated in the Steemit meet In an age where most of us are addicted to social...

For the past few weeks we have been accepting submissions for our Digital Heroes blogging competition. We wanted to hear from thos...
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Many people find it impossible to believe that you could make money online. The majority of these people think that blogging is...
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Permanent Sunshine, a new play by AL Kennedy – read the script
‘Gonnae tell me that you speak for the neds of the world against the lefty elite? Pish!’ … Scott Reid as Chummy...
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