13 Statistics That Prove the Value of SEO [Infographic]

13 Statistics That Prove the Value of SEO [Infographic]

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The good news: Four out of five marketing influencers (81%) describe their SEO strategy as successful, and SEO is 85% more likely to drive website traffic to your site than PPC (pay per click) advertising.

The bad news: That doesn’t mean that SEO is easy. Getting a high ranking in search results, generating traffic, and determining ROI are three barriers that SEO marketers face.

Today’s infographic by SEO experts Octos provides statistics about SEO and how it works.

For instance, only 34% of brands use exclusively in-house resources to manage SEO, the graphic shows, while the other 66% either outsource or have hybrid processes.

If you’re ready to get started on your SEO strategy, check out these mistakes to avoid and these trends to watch.

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To see more facts about SEO, check out the infographic. Just tap or click to see a larger version.

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