5 Unconventional Urban Methods for Advertising Your New Business

5 Unconventional Urban Methods for Advertising Your New Business

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Opening and managing a new business can be hectic, presenting hundreds of different challenges and obstacles. However, you can overcome the marketing and advertising dilemmas with unconventional strategies to tell urban communities about your business.

Sing in the Streets

Unconventional? Yes. Effective? You bet. The best marketing techniques are unique and bold. So, to put yourself out there like a street performer, and literally sing of your services, that’s a strategy that is sure to capture the attention of your passing target audience. Think for hours, create an awesome song about your business, and belt it out on a busy street corner.

Tell Everyone You Meet

This kind of advertising requires finesse and good communication. You should also be friendly, compassionate, and upbeat. Walk up to someone, hand them a flier, tell them a little about your business, and wish them a great afternoon. Simple as that. But know when to back off. Some people will tell you via body language that today is not the day to approach them.

Take Your Samples to the Sidewalks

Example? If you opened a brand-new cupcake shop, bake up some miniatures and take them outside to snag passersby. Offer samples whenever you can. This gives your customer base a chance to grow from people with a genuine interest in your product. The same goes for any kind of service. You simply have to be creative in getting your merchandise out there and in front of people.

Ask the Opinions of Strangers in an Interview Style

Most people love being asked fun, quirky questions on a camera, like an interview. So enlist the help of friends, grab some samples, and take to the streets to ask random strangers what they think of your business concept and products. Sure, you may get a few negative criticisms and some rude responses. But the positives are guaranteed to outweigh the negative, especially if your products are awesome.

Sticker Up the City

Inner cities are filled with bulletin boards near subway stations, or poles littered with advertisements. Be bold in your advertising strategies. Print custom stickers, then paste them to every advertisement pole you can find near your business. Offer stickers to passersby, take them to local business boards, and really strive to let everyone know about your awesome business.

The aforementioned short list of unconventional marketing techniques is perfect for urban environments. Each one is bold and innovative, yet inspirational to encourage you to come up with your own advertisement tactics.