5 WP Donation Plugins to simplify your Online Collection

5 WP Donation Plugins to simplify your Online Collection

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Looking for ways to raising funds using your WordPress website? Try wordpress donation plugins to turn your site into a donation generator.


While a website or blog can be an effective tool to share your thoughts or information about your business, these can even help you raise your finances during fall or recession.


WordPress is a fantastic platform to build your website – its ecosystem being the prime reason. The plugins and themes it offers can deliver every possible feature a user might need. Likewise, if you want to get your wordpress website cost or donation through your website or blog, you won’t be disappointed.

The use of donation plugins is at its peak. Potential reason can be the increasing number of independent content developers out there. For creative entrepreneurs, donations are a relatively new way of monetizing their content. These are also a significant alternative to digital advertisements and eCommerce. And for non-profit organizations, online donations are a real aid when it comes to raising funds.

While the internet is flooded with myriads of donation plugins, choosing the best is a tedious task. To simply your hunt, here we have listed 5 best wordpress donation plugins that will minimize your risks and help you collect funds effectively.

1)  PayPal Donations Plugin            

PayPal is the most popular WP donation plugin that may come as no surprise. The fact that it has been downloaded 216,193 times clearly indicates that it has asserted itself as the Internet’s most trusted form of online payment and donations.

PayPal Donation Button offers immense flexibility in its placement on your wordpress website, which means that you can add it anywhere — to pages, headers, posts, sidebars, and the footer. In addition, it also supports translation and 25 currencies.

Pros – It is one of the most reliable online payment platforms and does a good job of collecting donation. It allows you to set the default donation amount, button style, the currency of your choice, country and even language.

Cons – It doesn’t offer any thank you feature, by default. One needs to create a thank you page, and redirect all the donors to that page.

2)  Give Donation Plugin

Give is a new plugin in the WordPress marketplace that empowers the non-profit organization to collect donations online. Within a few months of its launch, Give donation plugin has achieved a satisfactory number of downloads and positive reviews, which indicates that it is a tough contender.  The plugin offers impressive features including single or multiple donation, and customizable fields and buttons. It also offers shortcode to help you the plugin anywhere within your website. You also get tons of add-ons for better customizability.

Pros – The plugin is known for its simplicity and clean design. Moreover, Give plugin can be used to accept payment in any currency. It also supports all the major gateways and works smoothly with them.

Cons – Since it is a freemium model, it doesn’t offer all the features to all its users. Plus, it lacks advanced features like donor profile and anonymous donation.

3)  Seamless Donation Plugin

Offers unique donation functionalities including track down donors, customized thank you message, accepting payments anonymously, and even collecting repeating donations. Seamless Donation also acts as a plugin to join email list and subscribe the donors to the mailing list.

Pros – Its payment mechanism, which is a complete payment solution for accepting donation via PayPal makes it stand out from the rest. It also allows you to embed the widget anywhere on your website using a simple shortcode.

Cons – Currently, it only supports USA as location, which is its biggest loophole because not all the donors reside in the United States.

4)  Charitable Donation Plugin

Charitable Donation Plugin is recognized as powerful and extendable. Since it offers complete control over fundraising and donation module, it is preferred by those with more advanced developer skills.

Pros – This plugin doesn’t charge any fee from the users for their transactions; it is completely free.

Another amazing feature is that you can set up a multitude of fundraising campaigns and customize them according to your needs.

Cons – Currently, this plugin supports donation made via PayPal only. To enable more payment gateways, one needs to purchase its premium version.  

5)  Donation Content Locker

Donation content Locker, as the name suggests, is for those who want to make their content only for premium members. The plugin hides a certain portion of your content that will be visible to the donors only. To hide a certain part of your premium content, wrap protected content with simple shortcodes.

Pros – The plugin offers strong cookie support and will remember all the donors keeping the content open for them. In addition. It also supports five payment gateways including PayPal, InterKassa, Payza/AlertPay, and Authorize.Net.

Cons – Not everybody likes the idea of using this plugin, as it is not the best approach to drive donations.

If you too have any wordpress donation plugin that helps collect donations online, share with us in the comment below. We’d love to include it on our list.