Advanced blogging: how to make your blog serve your business

Advanced blogging: how to make your blog serve your business

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Most brands today have a functioning blog on which they post three to four articles a week. A functioning blog, however, doesn’t necessarily translate to a productive blog. Marketers today are using all forms of content and rich media to reach out to their target audience. In this day and age of digital media and online research, blogging for your business is a proven tool for strengthening your online presence, creating your brand image and attracting new customers. Blogging just for the sake of it will yield no results. Businesses need to know how to make their blog stand out from the crowd to gain the attention of the right people.

We’ve compiled a list on how you can make your blog serve your business and increase your reader-base.

Your readers should be able to relate to your content

One of the basic essentials of business blogging is creating informative and useful content. In order to keep your readers coming back for more, your articles must resonate with your target audience. It must be the kind of information they are looking for, and not just the kind they read because they stumble upon it. For example, if you’re a fashion advisor and you write a piece about ‘90s fashion, your article won’t be of any particular use to your readers. However, if you write about the fashion trends to watch out for in the coming season, you will capture their attention almost instantly. Your readers might not have in-depth knowledge about the fashion industry like you do. Therefore, it always helps to pen down your information in a manner that is easy to understand.

Research your target audience

No matter how great your content is, if you aren’t tapping into the pulse of your target audience, you’re not getting much out of running your blog. To start off, use tools like Google Analytics to learn about the people visiting your blog and to find out the kind of articles they are engaging with. Improve your blog by building content around those topics and titles. Taking the previous example into consideration, if majority of your readers are into street style, then posting about high-end fashion brands won’t interest your target audience. Stay on your toes and never stop learning about the people you cater to. It is after all the best bet to make your business a success.

Propagate your business goals through your blog

The only way you can make your blog relevant to your users and your brand is by establishing your business goals. Make sure your content drives those goals forward as only then you’ll gain more readers. Whether you’re trying to increase brand awareness or improve customer retention, the content you produce should cater to those goals. When your strategy is on point, you’ll be able to build trust and increase traffic effortlessly.

Zomato and Vogue India are doing a spectacular job at keeping readers hooked to their content while pushing their business objectives at the same time. Pay heed to the above tips and your blog will surely further your trade needs.