Best Trekking Spots in Chikmagalur

Best Trekking Spots in Chikmagalur

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Trekking in Chikmagalur is beloved because Chikmagalur is in the soul of the popular trekking destination – Karnataka. Also, in Chikmagalur, most of the trekking happens within 100 Km of the city.  Chikmagalur is home to travellers and locals alike, being at the foothills of the Western Ghats. Recognized as the Coffee Country, lands go for miles with lush green plantations that produce coffee beans. These dense plots of green land attract people from around the planet into its picturesque landscapes. You can book Chikmagalur resorts online at vying prices to relish this amazing place on the weekend.

For the extreme adventurers who have enveloped Chikmagalur on their vacations, you will be excited about these excellent trekking trails that prevail just around Coffee Country.  Below mentioned is the list of top trekking destination around Chikmagalur district in Western Ghats of Karnataka in South India.


In Karnataka, Mullayanagiri is the topmost peak. One can go Mullayanagiri peak top with the assistance of vehicle or one can eventually trek to Mullayanagiri peak from down through “Sarpadhari trail”. The trek goes from Mullayanagiri goes to Bababudangiri hills range finishing at Manikhyadhara waterfalls.

Measuring approximately 6300 feet above the level of the sea, Mulayangiri is Karnataka’s topmost peak. At just around 30 km from Chikmagalur, Mulayangiri assures you an astounding trek with a stunning sunset as its feature. The trail begins from Muthodi Reserve Forest advancing up to Seethalayangiri, a hill shrine popular for its laterite caves.

Sakleshpur railway trek

Sakleshpur railway trek is surely one of the most amazing treks to be relished in South India. It is certainly one of the most beloved treks around the districts of Chikmagalur. Sakleshpur is a district and is stationed almost 60 kilometres from Chikmagalur. The railway trek begins from railway station of Sakleshpur along the railway track to railway station of Yedakumari.

Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri is approximately 26 km north of Chikmagalur and around 246 km from Bangalore. Once every 12 years, amazing mountain flowers known as Kurinji flourishes in these mountain ranges. The last moment this spectacle occurred was around 2006. To acknowledge this bare flower on your trek will surely be a lifetime memory to enjoy.


Kemmagundi trek is approximately 65 kilometres from Chikmagalur or approximately 2 hours of drive. Kemmangundi in the district of Chikmagalur is a portion of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary. Apart from the trek to famous Z-point, Kemmangundi is also recognized for small and beautiful waterfalls on the house stays. Head around 53 km up from Chikmagalur, and you will find yourself in the beautiful place of Kemmanagundi. Thick, steep mountains and forests are open to beingscrutinised by brave tourists. These enchanting valleys and peaks are a treat for your senses.


Kudremukh trek is stationed approximately 103 km from the town of Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Though one of the popular but still not several people practice this trek, the reason being its district.  Drive down 100 kilometres from Chikmagalur, and you will arrive at the popularKudremukh National Park. Kudremukh is an altruistic mountain spectrum that has a small town by the same name. Its identity is a reference to the Kannada word Kudremukh that approximately changes to “horse-face”. The identity is derived from the amazing view of the mountainside that simulates the same.

KumaraParvatha Trek

In Karnataka, Kumara parvatha trek is stated to be the most difficult trek. It is also one of the popular treks in Chikmagalur. KumaraParvatha trek starts from the town of Subrahmanya which is approximately 125 km from Chikmagalur. This amazing trek is one of the toughest, beautiful, and scenic treks in South India.

Kurinjal Trek

Kurinjal trek is another popular trek which is stationed approximately 92 Km from Chikmagalur, and it is primarily in the Kudremukh national park. Kurinjal trek is approximately 6 Km one side, and it takes almost four hours to be at the top and another few hours to advance down. The Kurinjal trek can be enveloped in a day itself.

AgumbeGhatOr Narasimha Parvatha Trek

Agumbeghat trek also recognized as Narasimha parvatha trek is one of most famous among a number of travellers and trekkers in South India because of its lush green forest, wildlife, and snakes. It is also one of the popular treks nearby Chikmagalur.

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