Caroff Communications Reveals 5 Ways PPC and SEO Are Used to Enhance Each Other

Caroff Communications Reveals 5 Ways PPC and SEO Are Used to Enhance Each Other

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SAN DIEGO, Dec. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Are there good reasons Caroff Communications runs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns together? Absolutely. Here are five.

1) More than the sum of the parts

Suppose that with just SEO, your company got 100 clicks. With only PPC, you also got 100. Run them simultaneously, and you’d expect — max — 200, right? Wrong. You’d get up to 230 clicks: 15% more than the individual amounts added together! Because you own more “real estate” in the search results, viewers are more likely to click on your listings.

2) Short and long game

With PPC we test an enormous pool of keywords, and see the effects quickly. We use the information to drive your SEO campaign, so no money’s wasted on keywords that may not pan out.

Conversely, the SEO campaign may deliver search phrases we never expected. We add those terms to your PPC campaign, with great results.

3) Keep it going

People that visited your site are likely to be potential customers. You can stay top-of-mind with “re-marketing,” by showing them your ads on different websites they visit — including apps on their phones. You can also include people that found you via SEO.

Use graphic ads, and you get branding as well as clicks!

4) Optimization efficiency

Practices that make for good page content work well for both SEO and PPC. With elements like well-written text, clean layout, relevant graphics and compelling videos, we encourage viewers to spend more time on your pages. Clean code counts too, by avoiding search engine no-nos like slow loading pages.

The result: your PPC ads will be placed higher on the page, but cost less. Organically (SEO), you enjoy higher ranking as well. So we deliver double the results for the same amount of work.

 5) Knowledge is power

The real secret to effective marketing online? Data. Not just having it, but knowing how to analyze it. PPC and Organic SEO generate unique but related data sets. Comparing those sets helps us continually improve your results. That’s the real power.

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