Check Out the Latest Web Design Trends

Check Out the Latest Web Design Trends

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The gradual change in the fields of creativity over time is trend. The field of web designing is no exception. Trends are the changing forces that push the industries towards the roads of progress. Trends are the outcome of innovation. Web development is a growing industry.Web design has become an integral part in people’s daily lives. It is anticipated that many sites will become visually attractive. Let us explore some of the important web design trends which are expected over the coming year.

Advancement in the sphere of animation

With the advancement of computer languages and browsers, websites are devising new and ways for engaging the users.Beautiful animations can engage the user while they are waiting for the pages to load. There are a variety of styles utilized for different purposes. Animation serves as a useful tool and encourages interaction between the brand and their users.It is expected that full screen animation will be used as the main point of the whole site.

Less usage of stock imagery

Many established brands are trying to reduce the use of stock imagery.They want them to really stand out because of their originality. Since many sites now look similar, brands are laying emphasis on UX as the most vital designing aspect.For any brand to stand out they are expected to design visuals so that they truly represent themselves and their business.

More emphasis on innovative illustrations


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Funny and user friendly illustrations create beautiful visuals to a site. Gifted illustrators create fantastic illustrations. They are designed in such a way so that the mood is in tandem with the brand name. These are created with the sole motive to stand out in the market with their unique identity. The latest trends in illustration are available in Dribble which shows trends that will grow very popular.

Focus on typography

A lot of emotion is evoked through typography. It is expected that brands will be searching innovative ways to create unique typography which will appeal to their users. It is predicted that there will be an increase in full screen type with parallax scrolling.

Mobile-first design approach

In designing, the mobile first approach has been around for a while. Mobile phones are the main devices for web browsing. Many companies have been laying emphasis of content delivery to fit on a mobile and smaller screen first. The trend is expected of content delivery on the bigger screens devices.

Adopting responsive design

The responsive design has been moving in the circuit for a few years. The prediction is over the coming months there will be much wider implementation of responsive design in the brands, both small and big. Just like the case of mobile-first, the prediction is there will be a big increase in adopting responsive design.

Increase in use of prototyping tools

Services like Webflow and Marvel help designers create protocols of sites. Their ease usage shows how the final outcome would be in the browser. All this helps in saving a lot of time and prevent many setbacks. The expected trend is that there will be a wider utilization of rapid prototyping tools.

Widespread utilization of original photographs

An integral part of web design is utilization of authentic photography. Most of the people are able to identify a stocked photo. People want authentic photographs of the brands they are using. Designers will be thinking of hiring professional photographers for this purpose. It is most unfortunate, that it will take a while for stock photography to be not utilized.

Widespread using of video

A moving video never fails to capture the attention of the user. Video as a versatile medium is useful for marketing. It has more benefits over static photography. Video is considered to be more dynamic and can enhance the attention span of the user. The prediction is that video will dominate the web world and digital contents considerably.

There are many trends emerging in the creative fields,though it is difficult to zero down on a single trend. It is believed that the above mentioned trends are some of the core ones in the coming year. As the attention span becomes shorter, it is anticipated that brands will take a braver approach. For progress of the industry, it is always useful to know the latest trends.