How to customize widgets on your iPhone running on iOS 10

How to customize widgets on your iPhone running on iOS 10

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With the latest iOS10 come a few features which make your day to day life a little more convenient and bring a whole lot of functionality to your iPhone. One of the features which is a real treat to have is the widget system, which allows users to get tons of information at a glance.

How to customize widgets on your iPhone running on iOS 10

If you are an iPhone users and running on iOS 10, we can help you understand and use this feature to best suit your requirements. Using the widgets is very easy and adding or removing also quite simple, we will tell you how to go about customizing it. Firstly, you can access the notifications and widget from both a locked and unlocked screen adding to the ease and convenience of using them.

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As mentioned earlier the widgets and notifications can be accessed from a locked screen as well, so it is advisable to make sure that your widgets do not contain any of your personal information. As it can pose a threat if this information is misused, in case you lose your device.
With that, we can proceed with helping you customize your widgets if you get it right you can save a lot of time and effort. Apart from which you will also have access to your required information at your fingertips, quite literally.

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How to access it:

How to access it:

As mentioned earlier you can access your notifications and widgets from both a locked and unlocked screen.

To access it from a locked screen simply make the device get activated either by lifting it of pressing one of the buttons and drag down from the top of your screen towards the Home button. This will result in a drop-down display, it will display your notifications, swiping towards the left side will display the widgets.

To access it from an unlocked screen you can drag down from the top of your screen towards the Home button as mentioned earlier or you could also simply swipe towards the left side from the home screen. You also engage the floating icon on by tapping on it which will pop open with various functions, select the Notification Centre, this will drop down with notification and widgets.


How to add or remove widgets:

To add or remove widgets is rather simple, following either one of the steps above go to the widgets and scroll down to the bottom. Here, you will find and option which says edit, click on the icon and it open a new screen with available widgets along with options to whether add or remove them.

Once, you select the widgets you would like to add or remove based on your preferences, select the done option on the top right of your screen to save these changes. With this method, you can customize your widgets and receive updates through them and add more ease and convenience to your day to day life.

What are the advantages:

What are the advantages:

The advantages of using this feature are many we can highlight a few which may be relevant to most users. You can plan your day better with updates on the weather forecast for the day, use the widgets to check which route to take for the day to make your commute less tedious. You could also browse the news and even use the widgets as a shortcut to certain apps saving time and effort.

As you use the widgets more often you will be able to better decide which ones are most required. And also be able to customize it to better suit your personal requirements based your usage of the particular widgets.