Cyware: Ensure your Internet Safety

Cyware: Ensure your Internet Safety

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Ask any IT professional, he will let you know how human errors act as a vulnerable point in cyber security. The security professionals believe that making people cyber aware is more vitalin our mobilized, interconnected world than expanding the security features; because a major percentage of security breaches involve human error. Double clicking and downloading the infected attachment or browsing unsafe URL leads to most of the data breaches. Other common mistakes made by us is failing to update the software regularly,  using very simple user names and passwords or say easy-to-guess passwords, negligence towards our own laptops and mobile devices, and inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information. All these reasons point out to the necessity of disseminating Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA), which is vital to ensure thesafetyover the internet.

Cybersecurity awarenessisa valuable platform to shine a spotlight on what it means to be cyber aware and how it helps you to have a mindful behavior to actively protect yourvaluable data and information by identifying different threat vectors. But what is cyber security awareness? How a person can achieve it? The answer is Cyware – the unique Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA)platform built to educate people. Cyware is not just a knowledge hub because knowing is not doing, but also a combination of attitude and behavior, which serves to protect your information assets by presenting the significant information that refines your attitude towards using the Word Wide Web. Cywareregularly feeds the latest happenings of cyber world in real-time to keep the readers updated. Being cyber aware means that readers understand what the threats are and helps them totake the right steps to prevent them, if not, helps them to stay protected from its ill-effects.

The experts at CywareLabspublish various cyber security news cards in a day thatcreatesa risk-aware culture where the readers are educated though real-life incidents that help them to know about thesecurity hazards people are facing across the world. Besides, the Security Tips and Advice section helps the general internet users to follow a good cyber hygiene that guards them from cyber criminals. Above all, the main objective of Cyware is to secure the human end points which act as the first line of defense.Through situational awareness, readers are educated to identify, process, and comprehend information in real time. At Cyware, they believe that the first step of building an effective defense strategy is to acquire sufficient knowledge about the emerging threats. It enables the general internet users and organizationsto stay protected and enjoy safe internet browsing.