How to Design a Great Mobile Application with These Few Design Principals?

How to Design a Great Mobile Application with These Few Design Principals?

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The technology has reached to the upmost level today and the applications are playing the major role in the overall development of newer deliberate termed technology. Today we get several applications on mobiles and other devices for various uses. These applications have acquired one major part in our lives, without which many of our work can get still. Hence, designing a mobile application has also become easy for the people who wish to design a mobile application. All you need to follow is certain design principals for designing a great mobile application.

Designing a mobile application

Designing a mobile application is not so difficult, yet not so easy also. To design a well presentable mobile application you need to follow certain design principals which would assist you and manage to form the application.

Before starting with the formation of a mobile application, you need to verify a mobile device. One should keep in mind about the hardware of the mobile, lasting of the battery and the peripherals that are to be used with it. You have to check whether the device supports the application content or not. Another main point for application development is to know that the device is Android or IOS, as the application formation for both the devices are completely different. If you are having an Android device, you need to follow different steps and if you are having IOS device, it may support different terms of application formation. After selecting a mobile device you need to run for the next protocol or rule for the sake of application formation. The UX research techniques are also very important factor. You need to learn such research technique in order to craft an appealing application. Next is the UI design which mainly focuses to the presentation of an application. The user interface or UI looks for the graphical maintenance of a mobile application. The combination of user interface and user experience design crafts the application. A prototype also is responsible crafting tool for the application development. It modulates the designs of the software.

Testing of an application

After you end up with complete mobile application, a testing is a final stage require for the completion of mobile application. Testing stage is a last stage and involves UAT which is user acceptance testing and Beta testing. The UAT process involves approval process from the user for whom it is designed and the Beta testing is done in the real environment by the real users of the software. It reduces the risk of the failure chances and serves increasing the quality by validation from the consumer. Here’s a good example of nicely designed mobile applications in Singapore (

 Many of the people ask for assistance from an App Designer for the development of application. An application designer provides a platform for designing an application for you. One of the popular online App Designer is Codigo, where you can get designed your application in an effective manner.

A simple and effective application for your mobile can be designed keeping in mind the design principals.