Glasgow punters go crazy for Irish rockers The Script as they bring Freedom Child tour to Scots city

Glasgow punters go crazy for Irish rockers The Script as they bring Freedom Child tour to Scots city

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HALFWAY through their Freedom Child tour The Script stopped off in Glasgow with a spectacular gig which got the crowd singing and dancing.

Punters went crazy when singer Danny O’Donoghue jumped into the crowd for a quick sing along with fans.

The band jumped straight in with Superheroes followed by Rock the World – a song from their latest album.

The group were accompanied by over a dozen bag pipes and drums to give Paint The Town Green a real Scottish feel as green confetti filled the venue.

Moving on to the main stage frontman Danny introduces Its Not Right For You.

He said: “This song is about finding what you love in life.

“Look at this crazy crowd, do you feel the love, we are only three songs in and you’re already going crazy.”

Frontman Danny said: “How are you beautiful people doing tonight, it’s been too long since we’ve last been here.

“Its funny because the worst thing we’ve ever had in Glasgow is the hangover.”

Punters went crazy when the band Introduced The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Danny said: “It’s a real moment for us when I sing this next song and I want you all to sing along just us.”

The audience truly gave the boys a Glasgow welcome.

Blown back by the crowd singing word for word, Danny screamed: “That’s the Glasgow I remember right there”

Guitarist Mark Sheehan showed his love,saying: “We might want to live here just sort the passports out.

“It feels just like home, we try to explain that this is the best country in the world and every artist comes here because they know you come to f***ing party.”

He added: “Dress how you wanna dress, live how you wanna live and be who you wanna be.”

The band gave it their all in a truly heart felt performance of If You Could See Me Now which is about the death of lead vocalist Danny O’Donoghue’s father and both of Mark Sheehan’s parents.

An explosion of euphoria came after pyrotechnics lit up the entire venue giving it a real rock star vibe.

The band made their way into the crowd, hugging everyone as they walk past before performing Never Seen Anything Quite Like You.

The boys made their way back on to the main stage for the final few songs such as Rain and The Energy Never Dies.

Saying thank you to all the fans that have supported them, they said their final goodbye before exiting to prepare for the encore.

Fans were treated to the classic Hall of Fame which made punters desperate for more.


1. Superheroes

2. Rock the World

3. Paint the Town Green

4. It’s Not Right for You

5. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

6. Wonders

7. Six Degrees of Seperation

8. Arms open

9. Nothing

10. No Man Is an Island

11. If You Could See Me Now

12. For the First Time

13. If You Ever Come Back

14. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”

15. Hey Jude

16. The Energy Never Dies

17. Rain

18. No Good in Goodbye

19. Breakeven

20. Hall of Fame