Local writer enters script in film festival

Local writer enters script in film festival

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Image result for Local writer enters script in film festivalAs the Twister Alley Film Festival prepares to start Thursday, one local writer is pumped up to attend.

Earlier in the year Fargo resident and assistant curator of the Plains Indians and Pioneers Museum Robin Hohweiler had his screen play “Death Gets His” accepted as a finalist with the festival.

The 3rd annual Twister Alley Film Festival will kick off Thursday at 10 a.m. with Kid Flix and then again at 1 p.m. with another offering of Kid Flix – admission is free to these early film viewings.

At 5 p.m. the festival kicks into high gear with a one time only chance to meet and visit with Gray Fredericksen acclaimed producer of “The God Father” films, as well as “Apocalypse Now and numerous other films.

Thursday evening beginning at 7 p.m. the Okie Made: Homegrown Oklahoma made short films viewing begins.

Hohweiler has long been a dedicated writer. He has completed and published the first in his Glenn Matter series; A Matter of Time. He also pens a popular local blog called “Cosmic City Blog.”

But he said when the Twister Alley Film Festival came to Woodward, it inspired him to continue work on a screen play he had been putting some time into over the last year or two but had stopped working on.

“Year two of the film festival, I was planning a full feature film. And I just can’t get that script done. It is a lot harder to write a script than it is to write a novel, because you have got to include everything; every action, every reaction and dialogue in the writing of it,” Hohweiler said. “And so I just didn’t get finished and so I started working on it for this year’s festival and it became obvious I just wasn’t going to get it done to enter it. But I was absolutely determined I was going to put something in that festival this year.”

And that’s when he was inspired to write the 15-minute short script for “Death Gets His.” He completed the script ini two months and submitted it to Twister Alley Film Festival about three days before the deadline.

“It’s kind of a comedy,” he said. “it looks at what would happen if death were to show up at the wrong address.”

He said the story is about a young woman whose home Death winds up at, but it just happens to be the wrong address. And yet, once Death comes to the door, the rules are, he can’t leave without a soul. It is the deal making, the stalling and the communication between Death and the girl that provides the backdrop for Hohweiler’s comedy.

While it was a finalist, the script was not selected to be one of the winning scripts at this week’s festival. But making it into the finals of a film festival that is gaining steam in the world of film production meant something to the already accomplished writer.

“So I send this thing off not counting on anything because I have never sent anything to a film festival,” he said. “I got an email from Josh Hope congratulating me on being a finalist and I was pretty proud of that,” Hohweiler said.

The Twister Alley Film Festival will continue through the weekend with viewings throughout the day Friday and Saturday. For a schedule of events go to http://www.twisteralleyfilmfestival.com/schedule.html