Myth or Reality: How to Start a Blog and Make Money Out of It

Myth or Reality: How to Start a Blog and Make Money Out of It

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Many people find it impossible to believe that you could make money online. The majority of these people think that blogging is purely done as a hobby. There are so many bloggers living off the income brought in by their blogs, so there must be some truth to it. With that being said, there are also some myths about making a living from blogging. Let’s have a look at the common myths and realities associated with blogging.

Myth: You need lots of money to have a blog

This is definitely not true. Blogging does not cost you a lot of money if you are smart about it.

Reality: You can start a blog for very little money.

There are some bloggers online who try and not spend any money on their blogs. With all the free blogging platforms out there, you do not need to spend a fortune on a blog. There are some fancy bloggers, who spend money, but they are probably already doing well and can afford to do so. All you need to do is build a following through your social media pages and direct them to your blog. Now you have a blog and you have traffic.

Myth: Write what you want

Unfortunately, you cannot just write what you want if you want your blog to be successful.

Reality: Write good content

I see a lot of blogs online with poorly written content and those blogs do not usually make a lot of money. You have to pay attention to what you are saying and make sure that you are adding value to the lives of those who read your content. Use a paraphrase tool to help you when you feel like you are not making much sense. An online paraphrase tool and a grammar checker should be in every blogger’s toolbox. Use these to help with proper writing and then research to find facts that are proven before you add it to your blog.

Myth: I don’t know a lot

We all know a lot about something and what you know is worth saying.

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Reality: You can share your knowledge

We seem to think that bloggers are wise people or educated individuals, but this is not always the case. You need to find out what you are passionate about and there will be people that are passionate about the same things. Even if you feel like you do not know a lot about anything, there is something you can say. Blogging is all about sharing what you know with others and it can be about anything and everything. You are human and you have lived life, so you do know a lot already. Do not sell yourself short by comparing your knowledge to someone else’s.

Myth: I need to do this full-time

Many bloggers do not blog full-time, so let that pressure go.

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Reality: You can blog in your spare time

Blogging full-time would be lovely, but unfortunately it is not always feasible for a lot of new bloggers. As time goes on and your blog starts making enough money, you can consider doing it full-time, but it is not a prerequisite. You can blog after school or work. Perhaps you only have the weekend to work on your blog and that is more than what many bloggers can do. You simply have to adjust the amount of time you publish posts, but no one is going to tell you how often you should work on your blog. That is completely up to you and your schedule.

Myth: Blogging is dead

Actually, it’s not and you can still become a successful blogger.

Reality: Blogging is very much still alive

I know some people believe that blogging has had its time, but how could that be when so much is changing and we have so much more to say. You might have to adjust the way you blog to make money, but the rules still remain and you have something to say about what is happening in our times. There will never be an official time of death when it comes to blogging. We would always need new information and new insights, so blog away.


You can make money from your blog and it does not have to be like pulling teeth. Learn as much as you can from other bloggers. You can find a paraphrase website free of charge and a grammar checker that won’t cost you a fortune. After that, it is all about being creative and adding value to the online world. You have a lot to add and you need to get it out there. We learn from each other’s failures and successes and this is exactly what blogging is about.

Don’t allow these myths to stop you from following your dreams. Sometimes we have to discern for ourselves and look around us. Why would people invest so much of time and effort into their blogs if it does not add any reward? Rewards do not necessarily be monetary, but each person has their own level of success. Write down your goals for your blog and do not give up until you reach the results you are looking for. Yes, it takes time to build a monetizing blog, but time passes anyway. You might as well do something meaningful with it. Good luck on your journey to becoming a successful blogger.