Zooper Widget is back in the Play Store

Zooper Widget is back in the Play Store

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Apps are not forever, and it seemed like the end of the road for Zooper Widget last week when it vanished from the Play Store. However, in something of a Christmas miracle, the apps have returned. Well, I guess a miracle would have been an update to Zooper, but this appears to be the same outdated version we had before. Hey, at least it’s back.

Zooper gained a substantial following some years back as a way to make custom home screen widgets. There are also various skins and plug-ins for Zooper in the Play Store for even more customization. Both the free and paid versions of Zooper disappeared from the Play Store last week without warning. Not even those who bought the pro upgrade could see the apps. This was certainly an annoyance for customers, but I don’t know that anyone was really surprised.

Today, they’re back as if nothing happened. The apps are still v2.60, which was released in March of 2015. So, it’s coming up on three years out-of-date. Even though it’s back, Zooper users might want to look for alternatives as Android continues to implement features that Zooper will never support.